Price of a regular translation: prices starting from 0.04 EUR / word

Information on other prices will be provided by our project managers upon request.

Our company uses contractual prices.

We offer the following discounts:

  - Client discounts
  - Bulk discounts
We will provide price calculations for large or demanding orders. If you decide on l ong-term co-operation, we will confirm the terms and conditions of the cooperation in a contract.

Unit price:
The unit price specified in the order, or in the contract, as the case may be, is effective and fixed. Unit price thus confirmed by the contracting parties will never be increased with additional fees.

Standard page - 1800 characters (calculated by MS Word - sum of words and characters without spaces divided by 1800).

Physical page - one page of a document for translation or other processing regardless of the size and amount of text in it.

Word - a character or a character chain separated with spaces

Line - 55 characters, including spaces

Character - a letter or a sign of a notion or idea

A standard page is the standard unit for calculation of the total price of a translation in the Czech and the Slovak Republics.

- Immediately after completion of an order.
- At the end of each month for all orders
   placed during the month in question

The standard payment deadline is 10 days after receipt of an invoice. The deadline may be extended on agreement with the client.