Pricing, discounts

Your order is guilty after you confirm our price-offer!
We offer 2 kinds of discounts:
- client discount
- quantity discount

Invoiced units

NS – norm-page = 1800 keystrokes (counted in MS WORD. The sum of all words including interword spaces/1800).
FS – physical page = 1 page of the document to translate regardless of the text-quantity (if not longer than 1800 keystrokes).
J – certified translation unit = FS
Hour - 1 hour = 60 minutes
½ day – more than 1 hour, maximum 4 hours.
Day – more than 4 hours, maximum 8 hours.

Extra charge

We do not add extra charge on the low and mid special (skilled) translations. Extra charge for express translations. If more steps in whole work (DTP, pre-press), price set before for each unit separetly.

In final price included basic graphic original-like-layout, CD-ROM or recommended media, black-white printout.

Certified translation, interpreting 

Certified translation, interpreting – needed by many administrative events like wedding, trial, embassy etc.).

Translated languages

We do not set the exact range of languages, we translate successfuly from/to more than 30 languages.

V souladu s řízením jakosti v naší společnosti je každý překladatel průběžně testován a hodnocen ve své odbornosti. Průběžnými kontrolami neustále zvyšujeme kvalitu námi poskytovaných služeb.

Types of interpreting

- consecutive
- simultan
- certified interpreting
- interpreting in abroad

Control, correction 

There are several steps during the translation process because of control.

- continuous control
- control of project manager (expert in relevant field, native-speaker)
- final control (if every step is done and translation ready to go)

Output format

We offer to our customers a lot of output formats like:

Adobe Acrobat
MS Power Point
Adobe PageMaker
Adobe InDesign
Adobe FrameMaker


You can choose the way you would like the translation to be delivered (per e-mail, fax, post, personally etc.) and also required media (CD-ROM, floppy, e-mail etc.).


Our project management and wide range of translators and interpreters allow us to manage a lot of projects in very short terms.


if order processing, we guarantee to deliver it on time and according to preset calculation. Continuous cooperation should be ratified with the contract where your requirements should be given.

Confidence of information 

Each document is top secret. Confidentiality agreement is signed by every cooperator in our company.


Cash or bank transfer.